Audio Services

Chicago Public Media has staff available that specialize in all forms of acoustic and electronic recording, including multi-track, live to 2-track, 5.1 surround mixing, and post production services.

Full bandwidth ISDN telephone connections (Zephyr units) available for interviews and other audio transfer needs.

Our Audio Supervisor is Mary Gaffney: 

Mary Gaffney has been a Broadcast and Music Recording Engineer for 32 years.  She graduated from Duquesne University with a BS in Music.

Mary has conducted location recordings and production for local, national and international musicians performing for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Grant Park Symphony, Chamber Music Chicago, Second City Broadcast, Steppenwolf's Traffic series and the Performance Space Series.  Other works include album projects and audio demos.

She also engineers and oversees in-studio live and taped performances at The Jim and Kay Mabie Performance Studio for Sound Opinions, Eight Forty-Eight, Worldview, Radio M and Vocalo.

For more information or to request a booking, email or call 312.948.4788.